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Futures: Forecasting

  • Aerodynamic Investments, Inc. Gann, Elliott Wave, RSI price projections for professional traders. Buy, sell, trading signals updated every 12 hours on charts. Proven live on Bloomberg, Reuters, DowJones.

  • Agriculture Online Seven day weather forecasts. Information, news for agricultural commodites.

  • Commodity Compass Uncannily accurate forecast of commodity futures markets' price direction. Great by itself, or along with your other indicators and data.

  • DeepInsight Combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence, advanced math and technical analysis into one simple to use package for all investors. It predicts 5-day stock price changes; gets buy/sell recommendations; optimizes profitable trading opportunities and analyses all stocks for hot prospects. The most advanced stock analysis software in the market.

  • Price Pattern Prediction - Capital Market Price Pattern Predictions for Traders Stock, index, and commodity price pattern prediction using artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, and nearest neighbor modeling, for domestic and foreign markets.

  • Provides fundamental and technical research on the grain markets. Our Fast Facts are a great resource for a quick overview of the supply, demand, seasonal, and price history of the grain markets. We also have free 20 year average seasonal charts for the grain futures by contract month.

  • Grains Newsletter Free current issue: Futures prices forecasting newsletter: Wheat, soybeans, corn. Wm. Grandmill's proven successful method. Updated forecasting graphs. Marketing professor, author, trader Dr. James S. Gould's Grandmill Trade(s) of the Month (exclusive feature).

  • Harris-Mann Company Weather predictions for U.S. and international agriculture. Also forecasts for agricultural commodities silver, gold, stocks, bonds.

  • InsideTheMarket Short term and daytrading of commodities, bonds and the S&P 500 futures. We also have OEX plays as well as stock picks.

  • Neural Net Neural Research Center Munich: We are constantly analyzing the S&P Future and corresponding markets with our neural networks and fully automatic intermarket analysis. The results are extraordinary. Precise buy/sell signals. Certified track record. More than 150 percent per year.

  • PDGC Global Consult Provides unlimited range of currency forecasts, commodity forecasts, stock forecasts, bond forecasts for spot, futures, options markets by using a new non traditional method.

  • Precision Trading Membership Know Tomorrow's Turns Today! Our weekly reports plus ongoing instruction via the Fdates Forum provides the Futures trader with uncanny turn date information for market tops and bottoms for each following week. Work with other traders on our forum. Learn effective techniques and concepts.

  • Home of Millennium the only trading software with built in systems, forecasting, charting & analysis. No guesswork, no math, no "simple" language to learn. Free trial and quotes in multiple formats. QuoteData... signaling the way to financial security.

  • Technical Analytics, Inc. Daytrading numbers and commentary for professional commodities and futures traders. Used by CME and CBOT pit traders for years. Free trial service available!

  • TECHNICALINDICATORS.COM Provides technical and fundamental forecasts of stock markets, gold, silver, currencies, Euro, British Pound, Japanes Yen, selected commodity markets and recommendations for speculators and useful links.

  • With a historical success rate of 80%, we pick the short term turning points in the S&P500 Index, and average 5 signals a month.