Research Links

Mutual Funds: Investor and Industry Associations

  • The Association of Mutual Fund Investors - AMFI A research organization dedicated to helping its members beat the stock market through its mutual fund investment systems.

  • The Hedge Fund Association An international not-for-profit association of hedge fund managers, service providers, and investors formed to unite the hedge fund industry and add to the increasing awareness of the opportunities in hedge funds.

  • The Investment Company Institute - ICI The national association of the investment company industry. The Institute represents its members and their shareholders in matters of legislation, regulation, taxation, public information, economic and policy research, business operations, and statistics.

  • Society of Asset Allocators and Fund Timers, Inc A non-profit industry trade group, founded in 1989. Composed of investment advisors engaged in dynamic asset allocation, tactical asset allocation, fund timing and market timing. SAAFTI includes more than 170 member firms.