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Mutual Funds: Market Timing Advisors

  • Bob Brinker's Marketimer Covers stock market timing, federal reserve policy, specific mutual fund recommendations, individual stock selections, and model portfolios for various objectives.

  • Cooper Linse Hallman Conservative mutual fund timing for Rydex and Index funds. $190,000,000 under management. Audited real time track record started in 1986.

  • Real-TimeWi$e Newsletter™
    Real-TimeWi$e Newsletter™ is the newest and most revolutionary market timing publication dedicated to tracking the performance of Rydex Funds™. Daily emails are sent to subscribers detailing each fund's Gains / (Losses) from the last trend reversal. A table compares results of the Real-TimeWi$e™ trading model to the S&P 500 Index.

  • HighValue Trading Market Timing
    Market Timing Signals for QQQQ, NASDAQ index mutual funds, RYDEX, PROFUNDS. High WIN RATE 72% Remarkable Profit over 60% annually. YTD PROFIT 30%. Avg 20 trade/yr. Loses small minimun drawdown. Verified by Timer Trac.

  • Decision Point The premier spot for learning or improving technical analysis and stock market timing skills. Daily coverage of the Fidelity Select Mutual Funds, including BUY and SELL Signals and Relative Strength Analysis. Daily coverage of the 21 RYDEX Mutual Funds, including BUY and SELL Signals and Relative Strength Analysis.

  • Offers aggressive timing signals using both bull and bear positions for index fund and gold fund traders who wish to maximize gains and who are familiar with the use of stops and profit points.

  • Fidelity Timer Manage your risk. Substantially reduce the volatility of your investment in Fidelity sector funds. See why timing is better than buy and hold.

  • From Paul A. Merriman & Associates, Inc., free newsletter, FORBES magazine has honored our newsletter for "performance excellence." Free market timing signals via e-mail. Subscribe free to receive e-mail notification when one of our timing models generates a signal.

  • Discover which trading programs really work! The web's primary resource for computerized trading programs. Performance ranking for dozens of computerized trading systems. Free trade alert via email. Daily recommendations.

  • Investment Models, Inc. Notifies you personally by Western Union Mailgram every time the stock market turns up or turns down so you can move your No-Load Mutual Fund between a money market fund and a stock fund, thus reducing your risk during down markets and increasing/maximizing your profits.

  • IRA Trader Whether you are a new retirement investor, a non-active retirement investor, or an active retirement investor, IRA Trader can assist you in achieving your retirement goals.

  • 100% FREE. publishes the Walker Market Letter which uses four strategies to lower your investment risk and increase your returns. Published continuously on the net since August '96. also features charts and details on famous bear markets including the '87 crash and the '29 crash.

  • Exclusive market timing and sector rotation signals for Rydex investors!! State of the art signals available daily, free. This is the site for the Rydex investor, or for any investor that appreciates profitable technical analysis. No fluff here, only real trading signals.

  • Market Timing with Merit Timing the Rydex Nova and Ursa Funds. Timing the Rydex Titan 500 and Tempest 500 Funds. Timing for high yield bond funds. Timing no load equity funds.

  • MASTERTIMER Mutual fund management timing the Rydex Nova (Bull) and Ursa (Bear) Funds using the MASTERTIMER program which has outperformed the stock market since 1985 with a 70% average annual return.

  • - Investment Advisors / Market Timers Retire Early with market timing and ProFunds mutual funds. manages investor accounts with ProFunds by trading individual client accounts using our Investment Products. Product goals: 30%-50% average annual returns over 3-5 year investment periods.

  • Daily e-mail delivery of market timing signals for mutual fund trading, to bank profits and reduce risk, using trend I.D. tools. Over $100,000 is currently employed to illustrate the simple strategy in seven actual cash accounts.

  • The Mutual Fund Strategist We are the exclusive newsletter provider of MIRAT timing signals for the for US stock market and the only newsletter with switch signals for all the following markets: US growth funds, US bond funds, US high yield bond funds, international bond funds, international growth funds, Asian funds, European funds, Latin American funds, precious metals funds

  • Mutual Fund A website offering market timing analysis of market using the Rydex & Profunds groups of funds, and The Internet Fund plus Munder NetNet Fund.

  • NeuralNet Trading, Inc. Seeks to build profitable market timing models that do not depend on a constantly advancing market. We have teamed with FTS Capital Management to offer investors managed accounts that take advantage of these timing models using the Rydex Mutual Funds.

  • PASCO Research Dedicated to providing information for active mutual fund investors. Aggressive strategies for progressive investors. Timing tools to enhance returns. Unique Mutual Fund analysis technique -- Alpha Magic. Traditional market reports and indicators. Three months Subscription - FREE

  • Precise Buy Signals Free buy-sell recommendations for no-load index, sector and leverage mutual funds. No exchange fees or restrictions.

  • Prudent Market Decisions Proprietary long-term market timing model has identified every high risk major topping area and low risk major bottoming area in the stock market since 1974. Barron's called us "prescient." Free copy of latest issue.

  • PsiTrade - Market Timing At Its Best Provides aggressive index fund and derivatives traders with an outstanding short-term market timing service. Positions typically held less than a week. Returns, both hypothetical and in real trading, have averaged over 40% annually since 1982, basis S&P 500 Cash Index.

  • Roger Hagan's Mutual Fund Market Timing With a Spreadsheet Mutual fund timing using your own computer.

  • Jay Saxena's Ultimate Timing Service The Ultimate Timing Service has delivered unparalleled real-time performance with simple and easy-to-follow market timing. Also offers a Sector Fund Timer investment strategies that keep you in the best sector funds at all times!

  • Sector Fund Timing Offers market timing signals for a select group of sector mutual funds including the Rydex Funds, Profunds and other sector funds.

  • Select Timing Service A short-term mutual fund switching system that has shown very good results: in 8 years of rigorous historical testing and real-time trading it generates over 1000% return on equity -- equivalent to 32% average compounded annualized return. What's more, these returns were achieved with a low downside volatility.

  • Free and premium subscriptions to Merriman's sector trading strategy using ProFunds and Rydex sector funds.

  • Timing signals for the Profund and Rydex enhanced index funds and Rydex sector funds.

  • TimeTech Investors Utilizes a computer methodology that analyzes price changes of high yield bond mutual funds to determine whether to be invested in bond funds or to be invested in an associated money- market mutual fund with preservation of capital being the objective,

  • TimingMutualFunds.Com Provides daily market timing signals for mutual funds and stock index shares to increase profits and reduce risk.

  • Wealth WatchMan Market timing for index funds including ProFunds and Rydex. Also includes models for small-caps, large-caps, no-load funds and sector funds.