Dr. Joe Duarte's In-The-Money Options

Low Risk High Profit Strategies in any Market
Joe Duarte is the author of the best seller “Trading Options for Dummies” and has been analyzing, trading, and writing about the markets since 1990. He is author of nine books and has written for Personal Finance and Investingdaily.com. He has been quoted widely in the Wall Street Journal, Marketwatch.com and Barron’s while logging appearances on CNBC.
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27 Years of Trading Experience

Now he is bringing all his years of expertise to his new options focused web site with two goals:
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  • Risk Management

  • Profit Delivery

  • To accomplish these goals Joe has designed and fully tested a select group of easy to follow and deploy option strategies coupled with on- point stock and ETF picks focusing primarily in the biotech, healthcare, and technology sectors.
Through his carefully selected and uncluttered picks and commentary Joe offers his subscribers:
  • Weekly market analysis and portfolio updates

  • Simple to follow buy and sell recommendations on options, stocks, and ETF recommendations

  • Profit potential in rising and falling markets

  • In depth individual position technical and fundamental analysis

  • Thorough sector analysis and actionable recommendations

  • Unlimited intraday buy and sell alerts as called for by market and individual positions

  • "Buy", "Sell" and "Sell stops" are based on the criteria put forth in Dr. Duarte's books "Market Timing for Dummies" and "Trading Futures for Dummies."