Publication Schedule
Market IQ, Dr. Duarte's daily commentary is published on all days (50 weeks out of the year) in which the U.S. market trades with the following exceptions:
1) Official U.S. market holidays when the market is closed, including but not limited to Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the Fourth of July.
2) Dr. Duarte, as all major journalists do from time to time needs time off. For that reasons, Dr. Duarte takes two personal vacations per year, usually in the Spring and Summer, and usually for only one week. During this time, though, the website is not dead, as all stock recommendation pages are updated daily. 
This personal time off, is a necessary exercise in order to recharge his batteries, since Dr. Duarte writes fresh, daily columns of original content the rest of the year.
Dr. Duarte, unlike many other financial journalists, many who offer more expensive services, monitors the markets while on vacation and sends emergency updates as necessary.